Feilhaber to MLS?

Posted on January 17, 2008


ESPN’s Soccernet is reporting that midfielder Benny Feilhaber, of Premiership club Derby, is drawing some interest from MLS.  Feilhaber has had few opportunities to succeed for Derby this past year, despite looking like a rising star in international appearances, and now it appears that Derby is ready to cut the cord.

 Benny is one of the reasons to have genuine excitement for the future of American soccer at the international level, and its unfortunate that his Premiership cup of coffee didn’t go as hoped.  Still, this is where the benefit of a legitimate domestic league like MLS can really be seen:  MLS reaps the reward of having a strong American player with playing time in Europe enter the talent pool, and Benny gets to play on American soil with American players, armed with the experience of having played in more talented leagues across the globe.  Subtle moves like this, multiplied by the hundreds and over the course of many years, build rock-solid leagues and clubs.  MLS should be very pleased.

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