Casually punching the soccer time-clock

Posted on January 18, 2008


The upcoming weekend features several major events in the Casual Football universe, not including the MLS SuperDraft and me learning to juggle a ball on my foot for longer than 3.6 seconds.

1) Arsenal v. Fulham- I’ll generally follow whichever Premiership team has the most Americans playing for them.  For right now that’s Fulham, and has been for what seems like several years now.  Given their place in the table, perhaps this is what too much faith in the American player will bring you….although given that Clint Dempsey is currently by far their most exciting player, that seems unlikely.  Regardless on paper this doesn’t look like much of a contest.  Although in fairness, Fulham’s major goals in this game should be a) do not get smoked, b) allow Clint Dempsey to school somebody, anybody.   

 2)USA v. Sweden- even if this exhibition carries essentially the same level of intensity/meaning as college basketball before New Year’s, I’m still looking forward to it.  I have no idea what the starting lineup will look like, but as Team USA has proven time and again, winning any away game on non-Central American soil is cause for optimism. 

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