Tomas Rosicky Flat Out Hates Americans

Posted on January 22, 2008


A suitably casual run-down of some of the weekend’s more notable soccer stories:

1)  With their 3-0 loss to Arsenal, Fulham completed their plummet from mid-table non-entity to breathtakingly inept relegation hazard.  What makes this so hard to believe is that Fulham is not some random team from a coastal British town with one pub and one fishing trawler.  This is a club with, you know, an actual history of success and real fans and a great stadium and genuine cash flow.  Teams like this should never be in danger of playing League Two soccer unless management decides to hand over the reigns of decision-making to a waffle-cone-eating orangutan.  As for the game, some African guy named Adebayor scored two goals, which does not bother me one bit.  What does bother me is that the ‘3’ in ‘3-0’ was added by none other than Tomas Rosicky.  Many USMNT fans will remember as the Czech player that started the 2006 World Cup debacle with his long-distance goal.  He probably heard that Fulham has 3 members of Team USA on its roster and couldn’t help himself, sort of like Heathcliff and that skeletonized fish.

2)  Speaking of Team USA, they appear to be putting together a little bit of a run as of late.  This weekend saw them defeat Sweden 2-0 in a match that could best be described as a ‘grind’.  Much that could be said about this match has already been said elsewhere, so for now I’ll just say that it seems like this is a much friskier version of the team that washed out of WC 06, and the young talent’s development (esp Michael Bradley and Josmer Altidore) give much reason for optimism as WC qualies start up this summer.  The other big news is that Landon Donovan tied Eric Wynalda on the Team USA career points list.  This would be more impressive if Youtube highlights didn’t show Wynalda bending in 30 yarders and scoring from all angles like an actually-giving-a-crap version of Clint Mathis, whereas Donavan’s highlights all seem to feature some variation of Lando running straight at somebody, putting home a rebound or penalty kick.  I’m not saying Wynalda was some sort of scoring deity, or that his legacy must be protected at all costs- I’m just putting it out there that I have no idea where all of Lando’s goals came from.  They certainly didn’t come in clutch moments against teams not named ‘Mexico’. 

3)  It looks like Benny Feilhaber won’t be coming to MLS after all, as Benny’s agent denied a previous story which reported that Maccabi Tel Aviv had no interest in him- apparently playing in Israel is still an option.  This is MLS’ loss of course, but the USMNT’s gain.  Playing anywhere overseas gives him a chance to find a spot in a top-flight league, which can only help in development and consequently improve the national team, which will always be looking for help in the midfield and forward areas.  In fact, the talent America produces noticeably thins from the back to the front of the field- we have produced numerous world-class goaltenders and defensive players, not many midfielders, and so few dangerous strikers that the search for just ONE could be the plot of the next Indiana Jones movie.

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