EJ to Fulham

Posted on January 25, 2008


Multiple news outlets are reporting that Kansas City Wizards forward Eddie Johnson has signed a transfer deal with Premiership bottom-dweller Fulham.  They are paying a 4,000,000 pound sum for Johnson, who joins Rangers forward Daniel Cousin as attacking options that have joined the team of late.   

On the Fulham side, they now appear dead-set on seeing if they can somehow manage to get every American soccer player in existence onto this team.  Even Alexi Lalas and Tony Meola have probably fielded calls at this point.  And as far as EJ goes, I like the guy ok, but at this point he’s pretty clearly in the same class as a million other forwards that the US has produced- tons of measurable skills and tantalizing possibilites, yet lacking the ability to actually manufacture goals and be consistently dangerous.  That’s sort of an important part of the striker game.

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