Casual Skills: dribbling

Posted on January 27, 2008


I would love to provide an awe-inspiring description of how today I discovered that I’m a latent soccer prodigy.  That years of spiteful mediocrity at American sports like baseball and football had obscured a hidden soccer genius, like the years of dirt that overlay a just-discovered Goya masterpiece.

I’d really like to unleash wave after wave of inspired prose, all in service of the idea that not only did I master the skill of dribbling a soccer ball in one afternoon, but that I did so with such a lack of effort that I almost went sterile from surprise.  Jaw-dropping.  Flawless.  Epic.  Visionary.  All words I was secretly hoping last night I would be able to apply to my new soccer self today.  Not even close.

This may be more difficult than I first thought.

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