Denilson out at FC Dallas

Posted on February 14, 2008


In another example of a former international soccer star busting in MLS, FC Dallas has announced that it is severing ties with its current designated player Denilson.  The former Brazil star played just 7 games for Dallas and had zero impact.

It’s never positive for a team when a player goes belly-up like Denilson did in Dallas, especially when that player is sucking up a valuable DP slot that could be used elsewhere.  Still, it’s a validation of the play in MLS that former international superstars keep washing out here, even past their prime.  And honestly, that’s not even an excuse: Denilson is 30.  Brian McBride is 35, and when he came back from injury last week Fulham acted like he was going to start healing lepers.

A persistent misconception seems to have taken hold about where the level of play in MLS, so spread the word:  MLS may not be the Premier League or La Liga, but you can’t just wander in from out of town and start dominating either.  You actually have to play hard, or some white kid named Caleb making 23k a year on the developmental squad will take your job just because he’s hungrier.  Having pretty ball skills and a ponytail isn’t enough; you need to earn it.  Welcome to America.

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