You mean Eli Manning won’t be playing?

Posted on February 19, 2008


The UEFA Champions League is currently in its  round of 16 phase, which is a home-and-home format.  Playing tonight:  FC Porto v Schalke 04; Liverpool v. Inter Milan; Roma v. Real Madrid; and Olympiakos v. Chelsea.

I’m not even sure how you can call something a “Champions” League and not even have the Giants be involved- they only won the Super Bowl- which not only makes them champions of something, it makes them champions of everything.  Because really, who’s more of a Champion?  A Super Bowl winner, or the 2nd place finisher in Norway’s domestic soccer league?  I know for a fact the Giants would be up for it, because these colors don’t run.

I suppose as a fledgling soccer fan I should make a run at getting interested in what goes down in the Champions League.  Club soccer has minimal appeal to me;  I’m interested in MLS but I don’t like watching it, much the same way that therapists are interested in their patients but don’t really want to watch them watercolor.  So international club soccer is, admittedly, as interesting to me as practically anything else containing the word ‘club’- club soda, club hopping, quilting club, baby seal clubbing, etc- which is to say ‘not very’.   Yet the rest of the world seems profoundly enamored of this thing, possibly for the same reason I am not:  American players are nowhere to be found.

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