The Galaxy Think David Beckham is Expendable

Posted on February 25, 2008


Alexi Lalas wants David Beckham dead or ruined or both.  That’s the only explanation for why he’s playing all 90 minutes of 2 meaningless exhibition games in the Pan-Pacific championship.  Not only do these games serve no purpose except for the financial windfall involved- MLS will do anything to keep floating on a steady stream of Beckham Bucks-  but these are games being played on Astroturf.  Not artifical turf- ASTROTURF.  The Chinese symbol used to denote Astroturf is the same symbol they use when someone is dragged down a gravel road behind a truck.  So if you’re wondering why the Galaxy are playing their prized 32 year old midfielder in meaningless games that are played on a surface guaranteed to destroy his entire lower body, it’s because Alexi Lalas is planning the perfect crime.

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