US/Barbados Rewind- You only hurt the ones you love.

Posted on June 18, 2008


Because honestly, who doesn’t love Barbados?  Sure, there are probably people out there who have axes to grind with Barbados.  Maybe they went on vacation there and lost their digital camera.  Maybe they were bitten by a monkey.  Maybe that mail-order bride they had their fingers crossed for never came through.  Whatever the reason, haters will hate.  But after watching the US toy with them for 90 minutes for an 8-0 win, you can’t help but love Barbados- they’re like a Gatorade commercial gone horribly awry.  Still, these are the teams the US should be obliterating to qualify for the WC, and because of that we really didn’t learn anything new from this game.  And as for Barbados, heck, they should be telling everybody how great they can make people look.  People would be lining up to play them.  In that spirit, here’s a couple quick things Barbados can do for your soccer team’s self-esteem:

They can make average strikers look good.– And lets be real- American forwards are some of the most aggressively mediocre in the world today.  Eddie Johnson didn’t start, but he did score.  Brian Ching scored twice, including a “What was that?” ricochet from Pablo Mastroeni that rung up the 2nd goal.  Neither Johnson nor Ching have proven that they can score against quality international teams, so when they tally against Barbados, you know something’s not quite right.

They can make even the most focused goalkeepers check out-  I’m sure Brad Guzan actually had to play a few balls over the course of the game, but I can’t remember any. He could have been hosting Masterpiece Theatre back there and we never would have known it. With all that free time he definitely went up several Sudoku belts.


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