Euro 2008- Croatia/Turkey: Sorry, Colin

Posted on June 20, 2008


On the Croatian side, I feel like every one of these guys has played a doctor on ER at some point- maybe I’m imagining that. And for the Turks, they have 10 starting players whose names all sound Persian, and then a striker who’s named Colin. I’m not sure what the story is with Colin, but I hope it’s not that his parents dropped him off at Turkish boarding school and then “forgot” about him there. My imagination is running wild.

Here’s the official story: Frankly I’m a little disappointed. No mention of whether he was middle-named for the Morgan Freeman character in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. It does clear up the question of parental abandoment, though as usual the reality is a little less interesting. A Turkish Brit who loves Arsenal? Oh, the drama. update- he goes by the name Kazim Kazim when he’s playing for Turkey, which I totally understand. When I travel abroad I go as Hans Portugal, international hopscotch superstar.

Memorable moment- the Croats golden chance wasted. A great cross from the right fell to a Croatian forward, followed by a violent carom of the ball off the crossbar and a disappointing header that cleared the whole goal. Cut to slow motion replays of the whole Croatian bench jumping to their feet in unison, then immediately falling on their knees in agony.  I was surprised to see Croatia waste 2 easy chances to score like this- I wasn’t aware they had American strikers.

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