Carling Cup is for dorks anyway.

Posted on September 24, 2008


Fulham crashed out of the Carling Cup this past Tuesday, losing to Burnley 1-0 on a Jay Rodriguez goal minutes from extra time.  I’m not crushed about this loss, primarily because I don’t really know what the Carling Cup is.  I get that it’s some kind of English soccer competition, but between a Wikipedia entry that’s about as understandable as Klingon graffitti and the fact that it sounds like something you quest after in World of Warcraft, figuring it out is way too much work.  Plus Manchester United and Arsenal didn’t send full strength squads, and if those guys don’t care about it, I don’t care about it.  Same reason I skip handbell choirs at Christmas.

Fulham’s team included several players who haven’t seen the field in a while, including America’s own Clint Dempsey.  Despite being Fulham’s leading goal-scorer from last year and a key figure in last year’s Great Escape, so far this year Dempsey can’t seem to get off the bench.  Some of that has to do with the excellent play of Fulham’s 3 key additions Andy Johnson, Zoltan Gera and Bobby Zamora- all who play Dempsey’s position.  But with 2 missed shots against Burnley, some of it has to do with Deuce just not converting his opportunities.  And with quotes like the ones found in this story, it sounds like Clint is already envisioning greener pastures.

But like I said, I’m not sweating this loss.  Honestly, winning this thing would be nice, but like Roy Hodgson said in the post-game, the focus is on staying in the Premiership.  It’s like being in the French Scrabble Club in high school.  It’d be nice if you could get a Ferrari for your 16th birthday, but priority one is always going to be graduating  without getting a swirly.

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