Posted on January 2, 2009


It’s the day after New Year’s- People are beginning to shake off vague memories of  Zambuca-fueled shenanigans- the endless games of nine-ball, the accidental groping of a cousin (so you say), etc.   Everything is moving a little slowly today.  Everything, that is, except the January transfer window, which opened today and is the usual signal to those who only casually follow soccer to tunnel underground like a badger.

Thankfully Cristiano Ronaldo seems fully locked under contract at Manchester United, so Real Madrid will have to put off their media-baiting campaign to sign him until at least the summer.  The ever-speculated about Andrei Arshavin has been linked most recently to Arsenal, so he might finally have completed the slowest escape from Russia since Yeltsin drank himself to death.   I hope it comes through for him- he’s done everything but stand on a tarmac in St. Petersburg while waving his passport in the air.  

Say what you will about the place of soccer in America, but its general irrelevance does have a fringe benefit; that being, we in the States are spared the breathless “Player X to Team Y” headlines in Europe that daily threaten thousands of acres of rainforest.  At least when the Mark Teixeira derby was at it’s peak, people had the common decency to be completely uninterested in it.

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