Posted on January 13, 2009


Good for Landon Donovan- yesterday he scored his first Bundesliga goal for powerhouse Bayern Munich. Granted, it was against a Saudi Arabian team and it was a “friendly” (which is also how German history books refer to World War I), but this is still a positive development for him.  His 2 limited excursions with Bayer Leverkusen are well-documented, but I have to give him credit for his perserverance here. If I had failed twice somewhere, I know I wouldn’t go back a third time hoping for redemption. I avoid the Skee-Ball game at Renaissance Fun Park for EXACTLY this reason.
And of course for his many critics, this initial goal tally is a moot point. He could score 11 goals in his loan window and supplant Luca Toni as their starting striker and it still wouldn’t be enough to disabuse people of the idea that he’s fresh-from-the-dryer soft. My advice to Landon? After he comes back from Germany, just punch the living daylights out of somebody in MLS. Just for no reason. Nothing takes away a reputation for softness like a solid dose of the crazy.

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