Ready for School at 3:38 AM

Posted on September 7, 2009


I used to get ready for school at 3:30 in the morning by accident sometimes. It’s easier than it sounds, actually. I’m prone to waking up several times at night anyway, so once or twice I didn’t double check the time and went through the entire morning regimen- brush teeth, eat breakfast, wish for some kind of non-lethal gas leak at school. Only after completing all of this did I look outside and notice, by some supernatural perception, that it wasn’t as light outside as it should be. Check the clock- sure enough, it’s 3:38 AM. I don’t have to wake up for another 3 hours. I’ve wasted a bowl of Golden Grahams and some LA Gear hair gel on a morning routine that doesn’t count. Argh.

All that to say, I forgot that Fulham and Everton weren’t playing yesterday- that would be next Sunday, so I wasted a perfectly good Wikipedia Preview on a match that’s still a week away from kicking off. I liked the way it came off, of course, so I’ll probably do it again for the CSKA Sofia game next week. This time around I’ll just try not to write it up at 3:38 AM.

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