Braille with Gloves On- Fulham 1, CSKA Sofia 1

Posted on September 19, 2009


One of the things that make following Fulham difficult is that I live in the United States.  The US is a fantastic place and I’m radically grateful to live here, as opposed to some other country where they don’t have running water or company barbecues or 5% APR financing.  But, like many other places, the one thing the US lacks is a bona fide passion for Fulham soccer.  If I walked up to a random sampling of America citizens and asked them what they think about Fulham soccer, the majority would think I meant to say “Gollum” and wanted to talk about the Lord of the Rings,  So I can’t watch the games, and my only way of following the team is by reading other blogs, reading game summaries and watching brief highlight clips.  These are insufficient ways to get a genuine feel for a team- it’s like reading Braille with gloves on.

All this to say that what I know about the CSKA Sofia game is fuzzy at best.  Roy Hodgson sent out a team that was 90% unfamiliar faces.  I imagine it was like the 6th season of SNL, after all the original cast was gone but Bill Murray.  The structure was familiar but all the faces are changed and it seems like some of the magic isn’t quite there anymore.  Diomansy Kamara scored the lone Fulham goal in the contest.  His knack for the uncanny goal makes him the embodiment of the Infinite Improbability Drive in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  The more improbable the goal, the more likely he will score it- he’s probably the only forward in the Premier League more likely to volley in from 83 yards than on a sitter in front of open goal.  Additionally, Zoltan Gera continues to get first team action, and also continues to be more interesting as a case study than a soccer player.  His eroding confidence is palpable.  Every tentative pass is a cry for help; it’s like watching a golf player slowly develop the yips.

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