Look Who’s Gaining Confidence…..

Posted on October 5, 2009


It’s Zoltan Gera! First the miracle goal against Man City, and now another one against West Ham. It’s a career renaissance! When Simon Davies gets healthy, this is going to be one crowded Fulham midfield all of a sudden.

I was unaware that he was called “the Magic Magyar,” due to his Hungarian descent, although I’m insanely fired up about it now that I do. It doesn’t have quite the same ring as “the Little Mozart” or “Goldenballs”, but I love it just the same. And what would they call me, if I possessed similar soccer talents? The Silky Swede? Oh gosh. I have to take a 35 minute day-dream break now.

Mostly I wanted to put up a picture of him so that I could note how he looks EXACTLY like A. Whitney Brown, a writer/performer from Saturday Night Live and Craig Kilborn-era Daily Show. Don’t believe me? Take this!

The only other observation I have re: Mr. Gera is that (and this is not a slam, per se), he’s the least athletic-looking member of the team, as far as I have seen.   Of course he’s really a good athlete- he’s a pro soccer player who’s goal celebration is a tumbling routine.  But he doesn’t quite look the part. On the eyes alone, Schwarzer would have made a fine collegiate small forward. Dempsey has a tennis player’s physique, and several of our African imports look like they would be completely comfortable laying the wood to a wide receiver coming across the middle.  Heck, even Danny Murphy seems to have a middle infielder’s body- in America they would have made him a shortstop and been done with it.  But at best Gera looks like a cross-country runner-  a cross-country runner who is also possibly a champion Scrabble player.

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