Fulham 1, Roma 1- You’re Fine, But No Homecoming Queen

Posted on October 22, 2009


The old adage is that a tie is like kissing your sister.  Actually I don’t think the saying is that old- George Brett said it, and he’s not exactly from Benjamin Franklin’s era.  But todays Fulham/Roma Europa League game made me wonder- does every tie feel the same?  I get the feeling that saying doesn’t cover every situation that leads to a tie.

For example, today’s draw with Roma should be satisfactory for Fulham fans.  Roma is a top club in Italy with a lot of history behind it.  They have Champions League success in their past.  They are the proud owners of so many trophies they could rival King Solomon’s bling.  A quick look at their roster suggests they should eat mid-table Premier League clubs like Fulham for breakfast.

And yet this tie doesn’t feel like a small victory the way it should on paper.  It doesn’t even feel like kissing your sister, whatever that feels like.  It feels more like asking a cute girl to prom, and then having the homecoming queen come over to your locker and whisper “I wish you’d asked me instead.”  On the one hand, you’ve still got a great date, right?  You’re all set with your pink tux and everything.  But you know at the end of the night, when they’re playing “All For One” from Disney’s The Three Musketeers and you’re slow dancing like a true playa,  you’re watching the homecoming queen with her head on Football Player X’s shoulder, knowing that it could have been you.

Fulham are slow-dancing with 1 point, taken from a team they probably had no right to play straight up as they did, and they’re still sitting in a great spot in the group stage table.  But they’re watching those 3 points from the side of the dance floor.  They just looked in the eyes of Marco Andreolli at the far post in the 94th minute, he looks like he’s ready to make his move, and Fulham fans everywhere can only watch.

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