Fulham Forgotten- Seol Ki Hyon

Posted on October 27, 2009


Here’s a link to a great goal compilation video of some of Seol Ki-Hyon’s best efforts, including a few from his days at Wolverhampton and Reading.  Honestly, I’m impressed.  When you edit all the goals together and add an upbeat song in the background, it really makes the player look good.  Of course, that doesn’t tell the whole story- you can edit together a bunch of clips of me playing scales on the piano, it doesn’t make me Ben Folds.

It also brings this up- sometimes the most intriguiing guys on the squad are the ones not getting any minutes.  Clearly they were good at some point, or they wouldn’t be on a Premier League team.  That doesn’t happen by accident.  Nobody is sitting there going, ‘Well, I was an ice cream man, and all of a sudden I was dragged into the bed of a Ford Ranger, and now here I am at Emirates Stadium, tugging on these goalkeeper gloves.’   What happened?  They used to be good-why aren’t they now?  Could they still be a part of the team?  What would need to happen or change to get this person functioning at their peak?  It really gets the imagination going.

I’m a sucker for any YouTube compilation video anyway- but it does make me wonder if maybe Seol Ki-Hyon has a little Zoltan Gera run still ahead of him for the Whites.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a confident stretch once or twice before all is said and done for him at Craven Cottage.

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