Fulham 3, Liverpool 1- Making Lil Wayne Proud

Posted on November 3, 2009


What a big time W for the Fulham to come away with.  I was watching the Arsenal/Tottenham game and when I saw the score I yelled so loud it sounded like Chewbacca got tasered.  Of course, since I didn’t watch the game I have no cogent analysis to offer.  I thought I’d instead see if Lil’ Wayne’s guest-rap contribution to Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier” was actually a well-executed, highly accurate predictive allegory about Saturday’s Fulham/Liverpool match.  As usual, I was right on target.

“Hey, see cash money is an army.”– Immediately right on from Wayne, he correctly figures Liverpool’s mad spending in an effort to maintain their Top 4 status and crush all mid-table and lower competition

“I’m walking with purple hearts on me.” 2 Liverpool players would see red cards in this game.  Dead men walking.

“You talking to the sergeant/body marked up like the subway in Harlem.”– a clear reference to Roy Hodgson and his dizzying array of tattoos, including his legendary full sleeve that illustrates key scenes from “100 Years of Solitude” using the character’s from ‘Jonny Quest’.

“If you don’t see me on the block, I ain’t trying to hide/ I blend in with the hood, I’m camouflage”– Erik Nevland, a halftime sub but not trying to hide either.  When he popped up to score that goal from nowhere and assist in Dempsey’s, the camo was off.

“Bandana tied, mommy join my troop/Now everytime she hear my name she salute.” Incomprehensible first lyric, but the second predicts Zamora’s redemption from last week’s horrifying miss.  Everytime we hear his name, we salute.  Although it would still be nice if you would score more, Bobby.

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