Fulham Forgotten- Andranik

Posted on November 4, 2009


Enjoy the exploits of Iran’s Andranik Teymourian, set to the musical stylings of a group called Xpander.  I feel like they would be better set to clips of The Nutty Professor, but that’s just me.

If the Fulham Forgotten was an actual team, Andranik would be the captain, manager and millionaire owner all rolled into one.  I honestly believe he could go to a pool party/barbecue hosted by Roy Hodgson and Roy would think he was the Papa John’s delivery guy.  I’ve been following Fulham  for two years now and I’ve never seen him play a single time.  I heard that he played against Perth Glory in the preseason this year, but I’ve also heard that you can get ripped in 4 weeks while eating what you want, and that sounds dubious too.

I have the usual set of questions about Andranik.  Clearly, he used to be good or somewhat good.  What happened?  What would need to happen for him to function at his peak again?  Given his productive spells in the Iranian national team (3 goals in 37 appearances, from a defensive midfield position), it looks like he might be cut from the same cloth as David Healy, another national team icon who couldn’t translate his international success to the club level.

Plus, according to Wikipedia, Andranik is the only Christian on the predominantly Muslim Iranian national team.  I imagine that’s  the opposite of how Adam Clayton feels in U2.

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