Fulham/Wigan- Let’s Make it Hot

Posted on November 8, 2009


After the 2nd Roma game, I wasn’t sure I would ever want to watch soccer again.  All my passion for the game, and for Fulham, exited my body at warp speed.  But then I went to bed and had a good night’s sleep, and it all came rushing back.  So we’re good.  As it turns out, losing two winnable games to a fading Italian giant isn’t quite as traumatic as, say, being the last man alive and hunting vampires like Will Smith in I Am Legend.  But it did feel that way at the time.

Today’s game at Wigan Athletic comes along at the perfect time, then.  This is what we Americans call a ‘get-right’ game, similar to the  Hull City match, which allowed Fulham to pick up 3 confidence boosting points and put the wheels back on track after derailing to Roma the first time around.  Wigan today could potentially do the same thing.

Although it’s not a foregone conclusion that Fulham will not advance from the group stages of the Europa League, it doesn’t look good.  Still, I see the silver lining in it.  Fulham now leave Europa feeling as if they did not get their proper due from the group stage.  They leave knowing that going toe to toe with talented teams  like Roma and Basel can be done, not just once, but consistently.  That new confidence teams up with the slightly bitter taste of dissatisfaction and produces momentum.  Momentum is easy to generate in physics, but troublesome to manufacture in sports, and when a team has it, you can tell.

I think Fulham is primed for a big Premier League run, starting with Wigan today, that will see the boys lay the smack down on some less talented teams and potentially take more big scalps a la the Liverpool game.  Will Smith will be proud.

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