IT’S A WINNAB…..shhh! (it’s a winnable group.)

Posted on December 5, 2009


It’s a winnable group.  That’s all I’m saying.  Shortest blog post ever.  It’s a winnable group.

It goes without saying that the US got a favorable draw for the World Cup this summer.  Of all the no. 1 seeds to fall in with, I’d take England over any other seeded teams that don’t rhyme with “Schmitaly”.  England is fantastically talented, but they still have a number of variables surrounding their team, including no clear solution to the Lampard/Gerrard debate, a back line that doesn’t always play with concrete solidity, a no. 1 goalkeeper they’d like to replace but somehow can’t, and no striker to partner with Wayne Rooney.  Those variables don’t make the team look any less menacing on paper, but in play they could definitely all add up.   After all, Achilles had just one heel.  Start multipying them and he’s a lot less invincible.

And as for the other two, I couldn’t find Algeria and Slovenia on a map if you locked me in a room with Rand McNally and Carmen San Diego.  I think Slovenia is located somewhere around Russia, but then again I say the same thing about Greenland and Stonehenge, so it’s hard to trust that instinct.

The US has a lot to feel good about regarding this draw.  They could just as easily have drawn Brazil, Portugal and Ivory Coast, and the entire sports betting industry would crash under the weight of money thrown against the US advancing.  But as it is, their chances are as good as they can realistically be.  We’ll see in their opening match if they’re capable of taking the steps necessary to go forward.

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