YouTube Demigod- Bjorn Helge Riise

Posted on December 24, 2009


Bjorn Helge Riise is ineligible for the Fulham Forgotten due to his featuring role in the Europa League campaign.  Also, he’s awesome and his name is Bjorn.  How can I not love this dude?  Even though he doesn’t qualify for Fulham Forgotten due to his actual playing time, I’ll tell you what he does qualify for:  the YouTube Demigod team.

Three incontrovertible facts about this video:    1) I think there are only 6 actual highlights in here.  2)  It STILL makes him look like the greatest soccer player alive.  Roy can’t play him enough.  3) the ‘gun-kissing’ celebration is good, but it just underlines the most important thing a young player can learn: always, always have a go-to goal celebration.  Never leave it to the moment- it won’t work like you want it to.

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, the whole reason for YouTube to exist is for goal compilations and videos of TV/movie couples set to Lifehouse or Sarah McLachlan songs.  As much as I love Bjorn, I’m glad this is the former- I’m not sure I’m ready for to see 3 minutes of him gazing at Mark Schwarzer, with “You and Me” playing in the background.

What a Christmas present.  Enjoy.

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