Chelsea 2-Fulham 1 tidbits

Posted on December 29, 2009


Just some tidbits after the Chelsea game….

— This one wasn’t as crushing as the two Roma games, but it’s in the vicinity.  Like having your older brother pinned for the first time ever and letting him get back up.  Puberty’s no fun, even if you’re a Premier League soccer team. 

— Imagine checking the score at work, seeing that Fulham’s up 1-0 in the 70th minute, then realizing, as two Chelsea goals fly, in that you have no way to scream without letting everyone in the building know that you’re slacking.  Welcome to Andrew’s world.

— I didn’t think I’d ever type these words, but here they are:  what are we going to do if John Paintsil is hurt for the year?  I’d almost suggest we play with 10 men and leave right back open, like a memorial.

— The official Fulham website refers to Zoltan Gera as ‘Zolly’.  I know- I know!- the USA is the country that invented ‘A-Rod’ as a nickname, but I really feel like Great Britain can go stronger than this.

— There will be better days, Chris Smalling.  Put this one in your wallet and pull it out one day when you’re a fine player.  It’ll make you smile.

— Welcome back, Andy Johnson.

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