Stefano Okaka loan a possibility

Posted on December 31, 2009


Normally I shy away from linking to any news and try to keep things as silly around here as possible, but I haven’t heard much on this and I wanted to throw it out there.  According to ESPN, quoting Roy, there’s a possibility of getting Stefano Okaka on a loan deal from Roma.

It’s a long way off, and at this moment just speculation, but what a get this would be for Fulham.  With Kamara not on the radar, Andy Johnson just starting to get back to fitness (although I doubt he will be much of a factor this year), and Eddie Johnson now loaned out again, I’m not sure we have many other legit attacking options up top besides Zamora and Erik “Give me 30 minutes I’ll score a goal, give me 90 and you’ll never see me” Nevland.  And as much as I’m a fan of Bobby  up top with Gera or Dempsey playing underneath him, it can’t hurt to have a super young, super speedy, super Afro-Italian in the stable.

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