A Wealth of Information, A Fount of Knowledge

Posted on January 12, 2010


The Fulham official website is a lot like an art museum. If you just touch enough of what’s in there, eventually you’re going to go home with something good. And, like the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese, all the best stuff is way under the surface.

Dive past the link to buy tickets to the “classic” Burnley/Fulham match(using some form of the word ‘classic’ I’m unfamiliar with- I think they meant to say “Vlasic”, like it’s sponsored by the pickle company, crazy Brits) and the repeated advertisements for various forms of gambling, and you’ll discover that the Fulham website is deep like Soren Kierkegaard journaling in the Marianas Trench. Consider:

4 clicks away- Stick Football!

6 clicks away- Baby’s First Brush with Their Father Living Vicariously Through Them!

7 clicks away- Who Cares What Time It Is, It’s Always Fulham Time!

3 clicks away- Mike Kelly Is On the No-Fly List!

Adventures galore, guys. Dive in like Scrooge McDuck. I promise you’ll never hit your head on the bottom, and a lifeguard is on duty in case you start to choke on the fun. Ignore that he looks suspiciously like Toni Kallio.

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