Where in Tarnation is Blackburn located?

Posted on January 17, 2010


In which I (without any help from the Wikipedia, Miss Cleo, the bunny rabbit/kitten calendar next to the desk or any of the other options I usually turn to when I need help finding something out) try to locate Blackburn on a map of England.  Oh, please let it be in England.  If it’s in Cameroon I’m going to be super-confused.

Places it is not– On the left side- that turned out to be Wales, home of Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones and a slew of people who are, in all likelihood, NOT Catherine Zeta-Jones; in the top left corner- that was Blackpool, a major psych-out; anywhere in Scotland; Stratford-upon-Avon, which is the birthplace of both William Shakespeare AND people who quote Shakespeare.  Yuck.

Where it actually is- Lancashire, a county in the western portion of England that specializes in the defense industry.

You learn something new every day.

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