I Am Clint Dempsey’s PCL

Posted on January 19, 2010


Dudes, I’m not even gonna front:  I love being a posterior cruciate ligament.  Nothing makes me happier than connecting the posterior intercondylar area of the tibia to the medial condyle of the femur- it’s a rush.  And resisiting forces pushing the tibia onto the femur?  It’s great.  It suits me to a T.  Life as a PCL, man, it beats a desk job or slinging burgers.  Can’t complain.

I remember when I told my parents I wanted to be a PCL.  They weren’t exactly thrilled about it.  I mean, when you’re a knee DNA, you don’t have a lot of career options to begin with- MCL, cartilage, quadricep tendon, patella maybe.  It’s not a super-diverse field.  I think my parents were hoping I would go for the ACL.  It’s glamorous, a tough job but with lots of attention. I can still hear my mom- “You want to be a what?  But we worked so hard- you were going to be the first in our family to be a  major ligament.  Why are you throwing it all away?   You had so much potential….”  I can see her point.  I mean, it’s true what they say- if being the ACL is like figure skating, then being the PCL is like driving the Zamboni.  Dad used to say that all the time.  He’s pretty wise, for some cartilage.

Still, I’m glad I made that decision.  I’ve never been what you call a ‘go-getter’.  I’m never going to be a neural pathway, or a lymph node.  Those guys have it rough.  But I’m not a slacker either, like those schmoes over in appendix.  Nope, PCL is the right place for me.

And I’m super lucky to be working with the Clint Dempsey organization.  It’s an up and coming branch that’s done a lot of growing over the years.  Just a quality company from top-to-bottom.  I’ve never had to do too much- I leave that to glory jockey ACL over there, yes I’m talking to you buddy!   He’s eating Cheetos, whatever….anyway, it’s a great gig.  Like I said, I love being a part of this knee.  It’s not the big leagues like David Beckham’s toe or Xabi Alonso’s brain, but it’s definitely enough to keep me busy.

It’s also- hang tight, man.  We’ve got a little turbulence here.  Something’s off.  Some slight vibrations.   Whoa!  Ok, hang on!  Never had to do this before!  Ok, be cool- what would the Hudson Miracle pilot do?  Oh no, I should’ve done yoga, I should’ve done pilates, I should’ve eaten more fiber, oh gosh!! aaaaaaAAGGGGHHH!

Dang.  I need to fire up CareerBuilder.  I wonder if Cesc Fabregas’ hamstring is still hiring?

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