Fulham Comes Alive

Posted on January 30, 2010


A rare opportunity- I will get to watch Fulham LIVE tomorrow, thanks to ESPN and Aston Villa.  Villa gets some credit here because- let’s be real- if Fulham is playing Birmingham tomorrow, that baby ain’t on TV in America.  Heck, it’s debatable the Premier League even admits they played at all.  “Birmingham?  Fulham?  Never heard of them.  Sounds like a brand of cookie to me.  Here’s 10 dollars, get out of my office.”  So needless to say, I am fully stoked to watch Fulham Come Alive, and finally have some actual, casual analysis of the team that I came up with myself.

I’m also excited to see what lineup gets thrown out there tomorrow.  Normally Roy’s team selection is on auto-pilot, but a wave of injuries mean he’s actually going to have to put down his copy of ‘Ivanhoe’ and cup of warm milk and do some weird science with this lineup.  It’s the best thing for him, really, sometimes I think he’s putting the starters together around nap time.  It’s like, “I’m sleepy…zzzzz….Schwarzer in the back….4-4-2…zzzz….AJ/Bobby/Clint….” and then somebody shakes him awake and tells him everybody’s injured.  Suddenly he’s  Miracle Max from ‘The Princess Bride’, hopping with energy.  “Riise on the right, Kamara up top, with Gera behind him!  But Simon Davies is back!  Put him in there too!  Wait, do I put in Dikcagoi or Etuhu?  Either of them bring David Elm back into play!  So much to do…..” and then he giggles and sweeps the chalkboard empty, starting all over.

So yeah, I’m a little excited.

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