It Stands For ‘Greenwich Mean Time’

Posted on February 27, 2010


That’s one thing I can say I’ve learned since I started following Fulham- all the games are played in the GMT time zone, which means it’s about 10 o’clock here in the states.  And GMT means ‘Greenwich Mean Time’, not ‘Galveston Matchmaker Time’.  Which is good to know.

The Sunderland match tomorrow will be a tricky one.  For starters, it has ‘trap game’ written all over it, and as a University of Louisville basketball fan I’ve seen more than my fair share of those.  This has a lot of the telltale signs-  you’ve got Fulham coming off a huge, epochal victory to continue a once in a lifetime (hopefully more like ‘first of a lifetime’) Europa League run- so there’s the potential for a letdown.  You’ve got Sunderland, not quite in a relegation fight but hovering just above it.  Sunderland started hot but have no wins in their last 13 games, so they’re a bit of a wounded tiger.  And they’ve got talent in the attacking third with Darren Bent and the mercurial Kenwyne Jones, so the danger is certainly there if one of them decides to go off like a Roman candle.  As usual, hard work and suffocating defense will need to win the day if Fulham are to take this one.  You can always tell the games where we decide to coast on talent, because that’s when we lose 3-1 to Wigan or something.

Bobby Zamora is a question mark after coming off in the Shakhtar game with an Achilles’ nick.  David Elm is the likely subsitute, and while nobody can replicate Bobby’s current form or contribution, Elm will look to continue his surprising run of not being as terrible as most people assumed he’d be.  If anything, Elm’s game has benefited from the low expectations that accompanied his signing- he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, but because he’s scored a couple and hasn’t gotten in the way or burned his face on a pancake griddle, we’re all pleasantly surprised. 

The rest of the usual cast should be in for Fulham.  We’ll see Nicky Shorey return after his Shakhtar rest, and we’ll watch some more of Chris Baird at right back, dealing with the accompanying white knuckles along the way.  Perhaps Brede Hangeland will have earned a rest and will give way to Chris Smalling for a spell.   And could this also be the game that sees Andy Johnson return?  Certainly he hasn’t got 90 minutes of gas in the tank right now, but it’s been an eon since we last saw him scampering around.  Isn’t he healthy yet?  Right now it seems like he has the recovery time of a geriatric man.  Somebody get him a multi-vitamin and some Ensure or something.

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