Fulham in the Europa League- “Are You Not Entertained!?”

Posted on April 10, 2010


There are unexpected things in life, and then there are things you never thought you’d see while you were alive, and they are two drastically different things.  ‘Unexpected things’ means something along the lines of finding that skateboard you thought you’d lost under the deck, or discovering you’re distantly related to Ulysses Grant.  ‘Things you never thought you’d see in your life’ is usually more like a triple play, or a Starbucks employee without a goatee.  Of the two categories of unexpected, Fulham getting to the semi-finals of a major European competition in style is like a dramatic fusion of them both, with an extra dollop of whimsy stirred in.  It’s like watching Bigfoot come marching out of the woods into your backyard, and he’s carrying a cappucino maker for an afternoon splash.

I’m deeply terrified that this season is as good as it will ever get for me as a Fulham fan, like one of those baseball phenoms that peaks at 18.  And rationally, it probably will be.  Fulham has never scaled these heights before, and it will be very difficult to get back, regardless of whatever magic Roy Hodgson has shaken onto the players.  But I guess it’s a little bit like life- you never know where the peaks and valleys are, so just enjoy each as they come, in their own time.

The roster of giants felled on this excursion is startling when you line them up- Shaktar, Juventus, Wolfsburg, Basel, heck you can even throw Roma in there if you want since those games were dead to rights until the refs intervened.  Fulham just doesn’t beat those teams on a regular basis, do they?  I’m beginning to think that huge box I sent to Craven Cottage marked “STEROIDS, LOTS OF THEM” was put to its proper use.

And it’s hard to believe that suddenly the fire of Bobby Zamora’s goal-scoring prowess has turned into a rampaging inferno like it has.  There was no inkling, even on his best days back with West Ham, that he could be capable of this.  Honestly at this point I think he could do minor surgery with some of the balls he’s delivered into the back of the net.  He’s been so precise he’s like a Swiss timepiece.  It’s been so good to watch.

So ultimately the answer to the question above, the immortal one from Maximus’ lips, is that yes, we are entertained.  We’re watching a coach at his finest, our players at their best (and then some) and we’re seeing some of Europe’s brightest and most historic learning about Fulham the hard way.  What’s not entertaining?

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