Posted on June 9, 2011


Comic books have it right- sometimes, the best decision is a reboot.

The reboot has rescued dozens of beloved characters from dead-end storylines, like Batman, the cast of Star Trek, Shaquille O’Neal and Menudo.  I dig the reboot solution because it’s both elegant and direct.  There’s nothing convoluted about it- we’re scrapping everything and starting over.  But it doesn’t mince words, either.  It meets the problem head on- we’ve written ourselves into a corner here, and there’s no way out, so we’re just hitting the reset button.   

No surprise, then, that comic book writers, with their labyrinthine plotting and insatiable teenage audience, were the first to popularize it.   “After the time traveling Nebula saga, the Murveen/Teen Witch crossover event, and the 17 issues where we went multi-dimensional and reincarnated King Arthur’s soul into a dinosaur character, we realized that things were a little confusing.  So….issue number one!”   

All that to say that, after several incarnations, 40+ essays and over 60,000 words, it’s about time to retire the Casual Footballer blog.  I’m ready for a reboot. 

This has been a fun project- the “analogies between Jesus and sports” conceit proved richer than I could’ve imagined.  For every one essay where I drilled down and came up dry, there were three where I struck oil, finding fresh and exciting ways to talk about the Jesus life. 

Thank you  for reading.  It’s a miracle that anyone spends longer than ten seconds anywhere on the Internet, so if you made it to fifteen or twenty here, I’m both honored and a little impressed, since I know you’ve got ADD. 

In the meantime, nobody panic.  The site will stay up with all the essays in the archives.  You can become a fan of the CF on Facebook.  A Kindle/eBook collection may be brewing for 2012, edited and featuring new content.  And since the one thing people love more than a reboot is a comeback, you never know. 

Also, I apologize to all the people who keep getting here by Googling the question “What is posterizing?”  I hope you don’t get upset when my answer turns out to be, “It’s something Aristotle made up.”


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