About the Casual Footballer

Name:   Andrew Larson

Soccer Knowledge:  Moderate

Status of Polo Shirt:  Too tight, really.

Will Air Guitar to “Jessie’s Girl” ?: All the time.


How often do you post a new essay?

It’s pretty sporadic, unfortunately.   Once upon a time I tried to get one up by Friday of each week, although I’m rarely that prolific anymore.  I recommend subscribing to the blog to get an email update when the newest one is posted. 

How come all the essays start out hilarious and then have some stuff about Jesus?

Hard to say-  this project evolved out of a desire to write about soccer, hence the blog title that I’ve never bothered to change.  That continued until I wrote an essay about how watching Michael Jordan’s infamous Hall of Fame induction speech made me feel self-righteous.  From there, I started tinkering with ways to write about sports on a deeper level, and discovered that I liked drawing cool analogies between sports and following Jesus.  The format followed from there.

I want to read a ton of these essays, but I’m worried all that scrolling and clicking will make my index finger muscular and bulky.  Is there a solution?

You lucky scoundrel, you- there is!  You can download the eBook Posterized for free right here in multiple formats: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/116719

You can also get it in a physical book right here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-larson/posterized/paperback/product-21883357.html

What’s your greatest personal athletic achievement?

Probably fouling the mess out of ex-Louisville/current Atlanta Falcons QB Chris Redman during a pickup basketball game.

I heard you’re a Twitter prodigy, where can I find you?

@drewspelleddrew.  I also manage the social media feeds for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, so you can find me at @intervarsityusa as well!

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